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Every week we partner with a different small or medium-sized farm animal sanctuary. So far, we have been able to donate thousands to these organizations thanks to your help!

We host weekly live streams on our YouTube Channel where we get a deep dive on the ins and outs of each organization and learn about all the amazing work they do!

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Our Partners

Misfit Manor

Blackberry Creek Farm AnimalSanctuary

Charlie's Acres

Eastern Snouts Pig Adoption

First Ladies Farm

Goosepond Mountain Sanctuary

Hogs & Kisses

Libby Lou's Safe Haven

Nuzzles & Co.

Rooster Redemption

Saving Gracie

Sowa Goat Sanctuary

The Greener Pasture

WildRoots Farm

Chicagoland Pig Rescue

Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary

Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary

Green Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary

Hope Haven

Little Hill Sanctuary

Old Fogey Farm

Roosters of Ragnarok

Schoharie Creek Sanctuary

Stardust Animal Sanctuary

The Shore Sanctuary

Xandu Farm Sanctuary

Ballydidean Farm Sanctuary

BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary


Ellie's Potbellies

Freedom Run Farm Sanctuary

Happy Cow and Friends Hangout

Hullabaloo Farm Sanctuary

Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary

Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

Sheepy Hollow

Steampunk Farms Rescue

Tiny Hooves

Be Forever Loved

Bucky's Bull Rescue

Cows Come Home

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

Friends in Need

Happy Trails

Kim's Nurturing Nest Animal Sanctuary

Magzalea Farm & Animal Sanctuary

Pot Belly Haven

Runaway Farm

Shy 38 Inc.

Sweet Peeps Microsanctuary

Wasatch Wanderers

Berkshire Farm Sanctuary

Cedar Lane Farms

Darrowby Farm Sanctuary

Feather Leaf Farm

Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary

Heartland Farm Sanctuary

Klondike Farm

Marley Meadows

Riley Farm Rescue

Save One Sanctuary

SoL Criations Farm Sanctuary

Tennessee Cow Rescue

Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary