Our Mission

Fluffy Cow Coffee is a purpose driven company on a mission to end animal abuse. Through the sale of our coffee and the Fluffy Cow Coffee Grant program, we have already donated thousands of dollars to our charity partners. We started our work with raising funds for farm animal rescues, an often overlooked area of animal rescue, which is what we are known for. But our work in funding animal rescues doesn't stop there. Starting in June of 2020 we will begin partnering with dog kennels as well as other dog rescues and reputable dog charities to continue our work in the animal rescue world.

If you would like to help support rescued animals and the organizations that care for them, please consider switching your coffee over to Fluffy Cow Coffee and enjoy your new morning brew knowing that not only are you drinking better tasting coffee, but you are also helping to save and care for animals! What could be better? :)