Springtime Sips: Refreshing Cold Brew Options

Springtime Sips: Refreshing Cold Brew Options

Meet cold brew coffee, the quintessential springtime beverage that’s as versatile as it is delicious. As the world wakes up from its wintery slumber and nature blooms, the first warm days of spring signal the need to refresh our beverage choices. Cold brew coffee is the perfect springtime sip that’s ideally suited to a vegan lifestyle with so many options to create beverage masterpieces with as the warmer months approach.

What’s Cold Brew Coffee, and Why Spring is Its Season to Shine

Cold brew coffee is the result of coffee grounds steeped in cold water for an extended period, often between 12-24 hours. The slow extraction process results in a coffee that’s smoother, less acidic, and, some might say, more flavorful. 

The charm of cold brew coffee lies in its adaptability and the fact that it’s a perfect match for the brighter, fresher palate we tend to crave as the days grow longer. And cold brew is highly adaptable. It’s ideal for spring because it can be served over ice; mixed with dairy-free milk; included with infusions of fruits, culinary herbs, or spices; or even used as a base for a light cocktail. 

To vegans and those who might be dairy-intolerant, cold brew is particularly attractive because it pairs well with a range of plant-based milks—oat, almond, coconut, cashew, etc. The naturally creamy and slightly sweet profiles of these options blend beautifully with the milder, less bitter notes of a cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Ideas for Vegans

Fluffy Cow Coffee Moo Crew Cold Brew

Our Moo Crew Cold Brew is so easy to enjoy—whether listening to the birds come alive outside, commuting, or even at your campsite. Our beans are hand-selected and meticulously roasted to make it easy to whip up your own top-quality, cold brew concentrate that’s strong, bold, rich, and smooth with flavors of chocolate, nuts, and spices. This blend offers the perfect balance and taste profile to create refreshing, hand-crafted vegan cold brew beverages too.

And we’re not only committed to providing exceptional coffee experiences from bean to cup, but when you buy Fluffy Cow Coffee, you’re also supporting farm animal sanctuaries nationwide! 

Cold Brew Infusions for Spring

Once you’ve brewed a base of Moo Crew Cold Brew, it’s time to play with infusions. Here are some fresh ideas for infusing your cold brew with spring flavors.

  • Cucumber Mint Refresher: For a spa-like experience in a glass, infuse your cold brew with cucumbers and fresh mint. 
  • Lavender and Vanilla Elixir: Lavender is not only aromatic but also adds a subtle sweetness to your cold brew. Pair it with a splash of vanilla and a creamy oat milk.
  • Berry Burst Delight: Add a handful of mixed berries into your cold brew and allow them to steep for a few hours. The coffee will take on a beautiful hue and a hint of berry sweetness to complement the chocolate notes in our coffee.
  • Citrus Zest Zing: A squeeze of lemon or a few slices of orange can add a zesty, tangy twist to your cold brew. 

  • Cold Brew Cocktails for Happy Hour

    For the cold-brew loving socialite, Moo Crew is a great base for light spring cocktails—either non-alcoholic or spiked. Mix up a mint mojito coffee cocktail for those who love herbal freshness. Muddle mint with your cold brew, add some sweetness, and top with soda water. The Cold-Brew Fizz is a creamy and indulgent option when you mix your cold brew with coconut cream, a dash of vanilla, and top it off with seltzer for a bubbly twist. It’s like a root beer float for mature tastes.

    Sustainability in Every Sip

    Spring is a time to celebrate nature and, to choose eco-friendly options in every aspect. Our commitment to sustainability and the health of the planet and those who inhabit it is built into the fabric of our business.

    By exploring the world of cold brew with our vegan and health-conscious customers, we pave the way for a spring that’s not just filled with new blooms but also new tastes and a deeper connection to the world around us. Cheers to a spring full of energizing sips and a brighter, more flavorful future!