Sip to Save a Farm Animal with Fluffy Cow Coffee

Sip to Save a Farm Animal with Fluffy Cow Coffee

Do you love coffee? Do you also love cute cows, gregarious goats, and other fantastic farm animals? What if you could combine both your love of coffee and your passion for animal welfare by buying (and gifting) Fluffy Cow Coffee? 

What is Fluffy Cow Coffee?

We’re a cause-oriented coffee company sourcing high-quality organic coffee from small, ethical farmers around the world and then giving back a portion of our profits to farm animal sanctuaries. Every cup of Fluffy Cow Coffee is a sip towards a good cause! 

Fluffy Cow Mission


We offer a wide variety of vegan coffee blends you’ll love to savor and share. But what sets Fluffy Cow Coffee apart is our commitment to animal welfare. A portion of the profits are donated to worthy farm animal sanctuaries that work to rescue and care for farm animals that have been abandoned or mistreated. The money helps provide food, shelter, medical care, and a safe space for these animals to live out their lives. Fluffy Cow Coffee’s support helps these sanctuaries continue their mission, which is crucial to the well-being of farm animals.

And because we care about the environment just as much as our farm animal friends, we also use sustainable materials in all our packaging to protect the planet we all share. 

What Are You Drinking?

Need a shot of espresso to get moving? Wake up with Over the Mooon Espresso. Love to chill out with a cold brew? Moo Crew Cold Brew is for you! At Fluffy Cow Coffee, we’ve sourced a range of coffee blends, from Morning Graze Light Roast to Cowabunga Dark Roast—all roasted to perfection. Each blend has a distinctive taste and aroma that will awaken your senses with every sip.

Want to put a smile on everyone’s face? Share a laugh across the miles or in front of the fire with your favorite blend served in our humorous 12 oz. enamel mugs emblazoned with quirky animal fun. 

How Can You Support Farm Animals?

The answer: purchase with a purpose. We know you need that warm cup of coffee to start your day, so why not sip and support farm animal sanctuaries simultaneously? You can choose a blend that suits your taste or opt for a coffee subscription, which means you’ll never run out of coffee or stop helping sentient beings! You can also gift a bundle of Fluffy Cow Coffee to your friends or family members who also love coffee and support animal welfare. 

Fluffy Cow Coffee Mission

Mission-Driven Coffee

We are purposeful in our mission and passionate about animal welfare. By buying Fluffy Cow Coffee, you’re not only getting delicious coffee, but you're also helping create a better world for farm animals. Every purchase supports farm animal sanctuaries that work to rescue and care for farm animals. 

So, the next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for animal-loving friends and family or simply craving coffee with a conscience, remember that every sip of Fluffy Cow Coffee is a sip towards a good cause. Visit Fluffy Cow Coffee and give the gift of helping farm animals with every sip!