Meet BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary and Misfit Mustangs

Meet BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary and Misfit Mustangs

By Heather King

Nestled in the serene outskirts of Lovelock, Nevada, BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary is a refuge for horses, livestock, and everything in between. Stretched across 40 acres, the animal sanctuary houses a heartwarming story of how love and compassion can transform the lives of creatures great and small. Founded by the husband/wife duo of John and Rebecca Flowers, whose devotion to animal welfare runs deep and celebrates the vibrant collection of residents they provide for, we’re pleased to introduce you to one of our fundraising recipients, BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary and Misfit Mustangs. 

Meet BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary & Misfit Mustangs

A Love Story from the Beginning

The tale of BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary is a true love story. For the Flowers, the conventional celebration of their first wedding anniversary held no allure; instead, they were drawn to the prospect of saving an animal’s life. They went to a livestock auction, and John bid until he won a beautiful horse they named BlueFeather—the namesake of the sanctuary that heralded the inception of their life’s work. More than a decade later, their motto is: “Rescuing may make you lose your mind, but you will surely find your soul.” 

Providing Lifelong Haven

Since BlueFeather was founded in 2013 and transitioned to a 501c3 sanctuary two years ago, they’ve opened their gates to unadoptable horses and mustangs. Some are owner surrenders, some come from rescues that can’t find homes for them, and others arrive from animal control—many in dire conditions. And the equines have other rescued friends, too. BlueFeather is currently home to 25 horses, 5 cattle, 2 pigs, 1 sheep, peacocks, turkeys, and a cranky goose. Here, the sanctuary’s mission is simple: provide lifelong care, shelter, and, above all, love to these animals.

A Partnership that Feeds Souls and Bellies

Fluffy Cow Coffee and BlueFeather first teamed up in October of 2022 after the Flowers found us via social media and reached out, asking for more information about our fundraisers. Our missions aligned, and we immediately added them to our fundraiser calendar. In January, we once again fundraised for money for feed, their primary need. 

Additionally, BlueFeather participates in our Affiliate Program year-round, with $2.50 from every item ordered through their exclusive link going back to the sanctuary. We’re in awe of BlueFeather’s unwavering pursuit to secure the essentials that sustain their rescued friends, and our alliance has proven to be a valuable avenue for funding the sanctuary and provides testament to the sustaining power of shared endeavors. 

Meet BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary & Misfit Mustangs

The Future of BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary

Through the support of their volunteers who do community service there for the animals and donors (primarily through Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth), BlueFeather looks to continue to grow. While they have physical room to save more animals on their 40 acres, they are financially at capacity, and with horses living 40 years or more, the need is unending. They’re seeking more sponsors and donors to help fence the entire acreage and garner ongoing financial support to help with feed purchases. 

As BlueFeather embraces all who bear the mark of a misfit and the badge of belonging, they leave a legacy of love and compassion. BlueFeather Horse Sanctuary is more than just a home; it is a testimony to the enduring power of collective empathy and action made tangible through each hoofbeat heard across the sanctuary. 

We envision a future where the number of BlueFeather success stories grows as plentiful as the support that fuels our cause. For those who resonate with our values and who delight in enjoying life’s richness in a steaming cup of coffee, we extend an invitation to join us in supporting these worthy endeavors that contribute to a better life for all creatures.