Humble Bean Coffee

Fluffy Cow Coffee works day and night to help improve the lives of rescued animals through our private grants program as well as our regular fundraisers that we host several times per month allowing rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters to receive additional funding and we have been rather successful in doing this but we can do better.

Fluffy Cow Coffee will continue on our mission to do our best to help support those who rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected animals but we saw an additional need to help our human counterparts too so we started a second brand aimed to do just that and we named it Humble Bean Coffee.

Humble Bean Coffee stands to fix one of the largest issues facing our world today, extreme poverty in the third world. After traveling through many third world countries, I have noticed that most of the people living in these countries can’t even afford to put a roof over their heads or the very basics of life like clean water, basic healthcare and nutritious food to feed their families.


The strange thing is that the people in these countries are hard working and, even though they may not be classically educated, are intelligent people who could give a lot of value to the global economy.

Instead of taking the route that other coffee roasters take and just buying whatever coffee is cheapest from whatever company has a monopoly at that time, we take the extra time and effort to seek out small family farms in rural third world countries that take pride in their trade and form lifelong partnerships with these families.

Through these partnerships, we are able to support developing nations through a sustainable and long term approach via jobs through high paying agricultural and business jobs, improving education in the local areas in which we do business, and supply basic health services to families in need throughout the developing nations in which we do business.


Company mission statement:

The mission of Humble Bean Coffee is to improve the standard of living throughout developing nations via jobs, education and health care while providing some of the best tasting coffee in the world.



Product Ethos:

To roast the best tasting coffee that we can while improving the lives of people all over the world.


Our Humble Rules Of Business:

1. Do good for people


Humble Bean Coffee aims to change the way businesses operate by leading through example. For the longest time, businesses have only been seen as a means to provide a livelihood for the people involved with the company, which we think is still good but we think we can do better.

We believe that through small changes in the way we do business can make massive impacts on a global scale. From working with small family farms, to putting money towards building and funding schools we are able to make a massive difference in the world.

In doing good for people, we have big goals. The first is to have our first school built in the Tamana region of Colombia by 2023 and build a small volunteer run hospital in the Cubulco region of Guatemala by 2025. Through financially and personally rewarding employment, high quality education and adequate health care, we stand to make a difference in the lives of millions of people in developing nations.


2. Be good to the planet

The first rule that we have set for ourselves is to be good to the planet. That may seem like a given but think about what happens after you use the coffee inside the bag. What happens to that bag? It goes into the landfill and leaches toxic chemicals into our planet or even worse finds it’s way into our oceans and harms wildlife while simultaneously leaching toxic chemicals into our planet.

That is why we have made the commitment to be a as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why we have vowed to use 100% biodegradable shipping materials, biodegradable 12 oz coffee bags, and the most environmentally friendly bulk 5 lb bags that are available. Even down to our local deliveries where we reuse coffee sacks that we get from farmers and use that as our packaging for delivering coffee to local coffee shops and businesses.


3. Make Good Coffee

This one is actually the simplest and easiest for us to do. We have found that small family farms actually produce far better tasting coffee than large scale factory coffee plantations due. We personally believe this is for two reasons.

First, we believe it is due to the fact that less coffee is grown on these farms leaving the soil to be more nutritious than the depleted soils of factory coffee plantations.

Second, we have found that small family farmers take far more pride in what they do and produce and are farming because it is a long standing family tradition and they truly love what they do as apposed to simply attempting to turn a profit. With this approach, a small family farm will not sell a crop that is not far exceeding their standards and that they are not truly proud to sell. In short, tradition, passion and pride is what makes our coffee so much better.


If you are interested in coming on board as a wholesale partner, please get in touch by clicking the link below and let's talk!